Paula's background is enduring performance in extreme and unfamiliar settings and she brings that expertise into the business world.

Paula Reid - The Adventure Psychologist, is an expedition adventurer with an MSc in Positive Psychology. She has uniquely combined the two to become an expert in Adventure Psychology - how to achieve enduring and resilient performance in difficult times.

Paula is the 3rd British woman to ski the Messner route, 1000km, from the Ronne-Filchner ice shelf on the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. A relentlessly tough expedition, uphill, into the wind, pulling an 80kg sledge in -40 °. This gruelling challenge was made ten times harder when she got ‘Polar Thigh’ – a debilitating cold injury on both legs from Day 7. On Day 8 it was assumed she would medivac out. on Day 9 she determined to carry on.


“If anyone knows about Mental Toughness after skiing uphill for 46 days with two injured legs – Paula does.”


She is an expert speaker in:

  1. Adventure Psychology. Flexible and resilient strategies for enduring performance during difficult times:

    • Going Knowingly into the Unknown​

    • Resilience: Enduring Performance in a Challenging World

    • Please don't Languish! Survive, Cope, Thrive

    • Leading with Courage and Humility

  2. Ski Full Distance to the South Pole:

    • Personal Resilience - Choose your Attitude 

    • Achieving Goals - Aim for Beyond the Finish Line

    • Coping with Fear and Pain - Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever

  3. Sailing round-the-world: Teamwork, Leadership, Performance, Motivation.



Global Challenge

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With NO sailing experience and just 2 months notice, Paula raced 35,000 miles Westwards around the world in the Global Challenge – The World’s Toughest Yacht Race. “No regrets. It was extremely tough: frightening; freezing; exhausting; formidable; and there were 37 reasons why I shouldn’t have done it. But I did. And it was the best decision of my life.”

​Paula experienced huge highs and huge lows during the Global Challenge. Personally, she had to dig very deep and developed an inner strength, a determinedly competitive attitude and massive tolerance and perseverance. “Day 1 of the race. I wasn’t ready. I’d had 2 months prep and 7 days training. I was seasick. We had Force 8 gales and MOB within 10 hours of the start.”

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“You are such an accomplished and inspiring speaker on leadership.  The personification of #thisgirlcan.”


"Paula Reid … ranks amongst the best of all those speakers I have encountered during 25 years... Paula is an adventurer, but she understands business and translated her content across beautifully so that it was wholly business relevant with extremely valuable and pertinent takeaways."


"The talk was exciting, interesting, and very well presented..."


"… the presentation was amazing, you did a really good job with good links – great lessons from your experiences – a big thumbs up”

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"She was inspirational and made me rethink how I set goals for myself, my determination to succeed through adversity and extreme challenges, and above all else to never give up. She was fantastic.”

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"It was pure magic and blew everyone away, thank you."


"Adventure Psychologist Paula Reid who left us all feeling inspired and invigorated to move forward together"