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I am an expert in flexible and resilient performance. I help leaders and businesses cope, survive and thrive in difficult times. I do it through my unique combination of extensive business intelligence, extreme adventure experience and a Masters in Positive Psychology. When blended together my expertise is unparalleled in being able to equip today's leaders with the tools to thrive in challenging and uncertain conditions. I call it Adventure Psychology, and it helps businesses the world over Go Knowingly into the Unknown™. 


Perhaps best described as a Performance Catalyst, I am an expert speaker, mentor and facilitator. I have created a tried-and-tested model to develop the wisdom, resilience and growth you need to thrive in difficult times. From skiing to the South Pole and Yacht Racing around the world, I know how to thrive in hugely challenging conditions. From 30+ years working with leaders and running businesses, I know first-hand how that applies in business. From my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, I know how to change mindsets with my academic credentials.


​I have achieved 118 things on my ‘Living Life to the Full’ list to date, including Sailing around the World, Skiing to the South Pole, Cycling across 12 Countries, Paddling the Mekong, Kayaking the Thames, Walking across England, Scotland and Ireland, Trekking in West Papua and Borneo. I have written four books and delivered a TEDx on the Stretch Zone.


Skied full distance from the Coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

Yacht raced around the world: 35000 miles, Westwards and around Cape Horn. 

Paddled the Mekong: 300 miles in dugout canoe.

Cycled across 12 countries.

Masters in Positive Psychology.

Accomplished author & TEDx speaker.

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