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Imagine working for 12 hours a day in a place where the temperature is down to -40 degrees - twice as cold as your freezer. Imagine skiing uphill, into the wind, for 46 days pulling an 80kg sledge. Add to that a severe and very painful cold injury to both legs from Day 7. 


If anyone knows about mental toughness - I do. I have learned resilience first hand and understand how to perform enduringly in the toughest of conditions. From Skiing to the South Pole to Yacht Racing around the world, I have learned how to thrive in hugely challenging circumstances.

​Through my unique combination of business intelligence, personal extreme expedition experience and MSc in applied Positive Psychology my expertise is unique in being able to equip people with the tools to thrive in challenging and uncertain conditions. 

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Skied full distance from the Coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

TEDx talk on Stretch Zone.

Masters in Positive Psychology.

Paddled the Mekong: 300 miles in dugout canoe.

Yacht raced around the world: 35000 miles, Westwards and around Cape Horn. 

Pioneered Adventure Psychology.

Cycled across 12 countries.

Accomplished author of four books including Live Life to the Full.