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Adventure Psychology helps people and organisations survive, cope and thrive during change, challenge and uncertainty. Adventure Psychology is founded on practical experience and applied psychology to facilitate enduring performance and mental well-being. We deliver coaching, speeches, workshops and retreats to schools, organisations and individuals.

Please get in touch to explore how we can help you survive, cope and thrive in difficult times:

• deal with change, challenge and uncertainty
• strengthen your resilience and psychological well being
• maintain performance over time
• boost morale, motivation and engagement

Our exclusive model will enable you to cope better, stress less, think more productively and rise to the challenge.

Paula Reid deftly wove in her own amazing adventures with a deeper understanding of the psychology within them and the life-enhancing results.

Scientific Exploration Society

Paula is an adventurer, but she understands business and translated her content across beautifully so that it was wholly business relevant with extremely valuable and pertinent takeaways.

David Adams, Vistage Chair

She was fantastic!

Palo Alto Networks

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


She was brilliant! Very well received by everyone and a truly inspirational lady. She also pitched at just the right level for our group.

North Air

It was bespoke and beautifully personalised throughout. It was engaging, interactive and nicely introspective. You are a superstar

David Sheepshanks, MBE

Her keen insights on adventure psychology have so many parallels for navigating disruptive technology.

David Maloney of Pwc

One of the most successful webinar sessions I have seen. Very current and super useful … an excellent session.

Coping with Covid

Very entertaining as a story of triumph over adversity, but it also made me reflect on how teams work – or can work – in tough situations.


…thought provoking exercises with time for personal application and reflection. A huge amount of applicable takeaways, teaching us to lean into the tough stuff.

Grainne Ferrari

Thriving in
challenging times

Paula’s adventure to the South Pole

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Going knowingly into the unknown

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50 Good Turns Challenge

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