Humanitarian work, fundraising & cycling across the country.

Ukraine aid work

In 2023 Paula volunteered in Ukraine, bringing free food, hot drinks, love, respect, kindness and solidarity to the IDPs in the East. She also cycled across Ukraine in September to raise funds and awareness.

Paula has been delivering humanitarian aid to Ukrainians via Siobhan's Trust. She has worked out of Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Borodianka, Hostomel, Dnipro and other oblasts (districts). Siobhan's Trust set up daily mobile feeding stations in the East of the country, often quite close to the Front Line. These are invariably the most deprived and vulnerable communities, living post-occupation and under missile attacks.

In September 2023 Paula cycled across Ukraine from Odessa in the South to the Belarus border at Chornobyl in the North. The 400 mile cycle was to raise funds for Siobhan's Trust, raise awareness for the charity and Ukrainians, deliver meds to Odessa and capture mental health stories to support their psychological wellbeing in the future.

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