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In Iceland I experienced the best and worst of days cycling. I did 16 miles one day, 105 on another. It was late June, 2022. It was 6 degrees, snowing, with 40 mph wind gusts – even for Iceland – NOT quite what I was expecting. The stunning scenery was a great distraction from the vicious weather. There were times when I just couldn’t cycle (or put up my tent). There were times when I could just about cycle – they were the worst. I got knocked off my bike by the wind. The bike got blown off the road by the wind. My sunglasses got blown off my face by the wind. The wind roared in my ears, made my eyes stream and pushed up my nostrils relentlessly, and there was often no shelter (not even a tree) for 100’s km. I’m pleased I’ve done it, and glad it’s over!


TOTAL: 419.57 miles

40 hours 18 minutes

Ave 10.4 mph

Ave miles per day 52.46

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