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Since the war began in Ukraine I have been determined to go out there and ‘do something useful’ and not just donate money from afar. To show my face, to put boots on the ground, and be present. Perhaps also to take a little ‘Adventure Psychology’ out there – in support of their resilience, grit, determined resoluteness. On March 17 I flew to Krakow and made my way into Ukraine via the Medyka border to Lviv. I then travelled straight from Lviv on an overnight train to Kiev where I worked from for half my time there. I then moved on to work out of Kharkiv. I went to a different site every day with the incredibly brilliant and ballsy charity: Siobhans Trust.

Siobhans Trust serve 2000 pizzas a day to local IDPs. But mainly they serve respect, solidarity, love, kindness, humanity, hugs and music.

It was an emotional, physical, mental and spiritually tough time for me – but they are experiencing much, much worse. Please consider donating time or funds to this active charity.

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