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Paula is on the panel of the Film Festival

Combining business, adventure and positive psychology expertise – and being the world’s first Adventure Psychologist – Paula has created a tried-and-tested model to develop the wisdom, resilience and growth needed to thrive in these uncertain times.

She is a trainer, facilitator and coach as well as a speaker, author and adventurer. Perhaps best described as a “Performance Catalyst”, her best self at work is when she is empowering and inspiring others – from primary school children to blue-chip leadership teams. In the non-organisational world, she has been described as “a female Bear Grylls, only smoother”. She has done over 115 things on her ‘Living Life to the Full’ list and counting, including sailing around the world and skiing to the South Pole. She has written four books and speaks internationally at conferences, schools and for charities.

With 20+ years’ experience as a leader, consultant and coach, she believes in humanising business; making work enjoyable, energising and engaging for all involved. Having completed a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Positive Psychology and Coaching, she understands first-hand the power of a positive approach to life. Her passion in life is surfacing this in all of us.

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