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Paula Reid on Adventure Psychology, Human Capacity, and the Power of Choice.

Paula Reid is a courageous adventurer who is forging a career in applying Positive Psychology to help other adventurers and leaders optimize their performance. As someone who has experienced extremes of skiing to the South Pole with a debilitating leg injury, paddling the Mekong in a dugout canoe, and yacht racing around the world for ten months, she is no stranger to adversity and how it can impact outcomes.

In this episode Paula shares many exciting stories of her global exploits, including getting arrested in Cambodia and narrowly escaping war in West Papua. She takes us inside the mind of the adventurer to better understand how adversities can plague the psyche and quickly turn a quest for triumph into a battle to merely survive. And we also talk about the post-adventure blues that can haunt people when they return to the world of routine.

“I think life itself is a journey, and we need to adapt and evolve constantly.”

— Paula Reid

The believed limits of human capacity is often challenged and expanded in times of our greatest duress. With a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology, Paula has dubbed the term Adventure Psychology to help people thrive during change, challenge, and uncertainty. Through exploring the extremes, Paula has learned so much about herself and her own capacity and is able to translate that into assisting leaders of all sorts, from athletes to CEOs, in their own expansion.

Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Paula Reid.

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