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A Beginners Guide to Having Daring and Risky Adventures

XTERRA Podcast Interview

In Episode 9 of the XTERRA Podcast powered by Braveheart Coaching, hosts Dr. Simon Marshall and his XTERRA World Champion wife, Lesley Paterson, share their most delightful and inspiring talk with Paula Reid, aka “their personal adventure coach.”

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Paula Reid is a trainer, facilitator, coach, speaker, author, and adventurer. Often described as a female “Bear Grylls” she has over 20 years’ experience in empowering and inspiring others to do daring stuff in the outdoors.

Owner of Adventure Psychology with a master’s degree in positive psychology and coaching. Author of the recent research paper: “Exploring the psychology of extended-period expeditionary adventurers: Going knowingly into the unknown.

“And Paula doesn’t just study it and talk about it, she does it herself,” explains Dr. Marshall. “Paula has completed 118 things on her ‘Living Life to the Full’ list including sailing around the world and skiing to the South Pole.”

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